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We are located in Lansing, MI, in 2021 and give affordable, high-quality digital signage and self-serve ad platform for marketers. It doesn’t matter if you have multiple stores located or are a nationwide trade chain with a hundred stores throughout the country; we can provide digital signage content services that can increase the traffic to your store.

Advertise Michigan is an excellent in-store system, and this original form of ad signage will boost the experience of your workers and your users.
We work as the subsidiary of Trumpet Marketing Technologies Inc. and aim at giving the best digital advertising screen for sales. In addition, we strive to create attentiveness of supplementary services, goods, or simply showing your venue.

Advertise Michigan uses a combination of audio with high-definition images. This is why we can bring more customers to you because we can catch their attention with the pictures on the billboard signage. As a result, we allow you to reach millions of potential customers daily.

Our primary mission is to make exclusive and persuasive programs that enhance the ratings for our affiliates and distributors. This then allows us to deliver highly targeted advertising to your digital signs for an incredible value.


Advertise Michigan Cloud

In-store Ad Exchange

Our digital signage and mobile billboard management platform allows for real time billboard management from anywhere in the world.

Unlimited Signs

Unlimited Bandwidth

Multi-Media Format

Use your existing creatives

Advertise Michigan Player

Digital Signage Player

Our digital signage player allows for the easy integration of Advertise Michigan’s digital signage system into any new or existing set up.

Set Time

Automate on and off times

Play on any Device

Any Device Anywhere

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Eric Pettway
Eric Pettway
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