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Advertise Michigan, a leading marketing company, is thrilled to announce the launch of its innovative product, the human digital billboard. Recognizing a gap in the mobile digital advertising market, the experts at Advertise Michigan have devised a cutting-edge concept of a human digital billboard platform, enabling real-time digital ad placements on the backs of the company’s team at any event or venue.

A spokesperson for Advertise Michigan emphasizes the platform’s potential, stating, “With our human digital billboards, we bring highway billboard advertising down to a street level. Sign up with us to make your exclusive audiovisual message stand out in the crowd. Our street-level digital billboards are guaranteed to create thousands of brand impressions and consumer engagements.”

The newly introduced platform empowers clients to tailor their human billboard campaigns according to their preferences. Clients have the freedom to choose when, where, and what content they wish to share with their target audience, putting them in complete control of the campaign from start to finish. Additionally, clients have the option to monetize their venues or events by allowing event attendees, surrounding businesses, event sponsors, and vendors to market themselves at the indoor/outdoor venue or event, even after the last ticket is sold.

“Our digital billboards are human-powered, making them a natural fit for green and eco-conscious brands. As a leading billboard services company, we offer custom billboard solutions at various service levels to businesses and individuals aiming to make a significant impact,” adds the spokesperson for Advertise Michigan.

The array of services provided by Advertise Michigan includes account management, ad content & creatives, ad placement, as well as walking billboard and digital signage rental. With over 150 landscape and portrait templates that accept embedded media, play sound, and display other creative formats, their interactive digital displays enable the creation of engaging displays that attract customers effectively.

Advertise Michigan operates as a subsidiary of Trumpet Marketing Technologies Inc., delivering top-notch digital signage sales, installation, management, and design services in the industry. Their digital signage and mobile billboard management platform allows for real-time billboard administration from anywhere in the world. Comprising a team of seasoned professionals with vast experience in marketing and broad-scale advertisement, Advertise Michigan is a name synonymous with excellence in the field.

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