Advertise Michigan uses its proprietary RTAP ™ (real time ad placement) Technology to deliver real time advertising in the real world. To place an Ad in real time on our digital signage and digital human billboards is a simple process.

To place Advertise Michigan in your establishment or for exclusive bookings at indoor or outdoor events displaying your brand message click here.

Realtime Advertising in a few steps

Scan the Advertise Michigan QR Code, or visit and click the Create Ad button, or text the word Ad to 517-894-2234 and begin placing an ad on one of our digital billboards and signs.

Choose the location where you would like to display your advertisement. Then fill out the required information and upload your creatives.

Human Digital Billboard Order Form - Locations
Advertise Michigan screenshot of ad scheduling

Schedule your advertisement to start now or in the future and choose to display your ad on a per impression or per day basis,  upon submission and approval your ad will go live within moments.

Decide where on the signage you would like to show your advertisement. The display spaces are sized 1080p: 1080 x 960. Your ad will fit itself without distortion into the space automatically.

Walking Billboard Ad Position

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