An Overview

With regular billboards to catch the customers’ attention and make them know about products that you sell can be very difficult. Therefore to use digital signage intelligently and purposefully is very important. In the fast-changing world of advertising, this method is becoming very common to catch customers’ attention.

Whether it be an event, exhibition or tradeshow; you’ll stand out from the crowd with our video walls or digital signage. Rent bright LCD Screens and LED Screens for Wall Displays.

Impress your event guests with a quality video panels rental at your tradeshow booth. 

Rent a digital sign.

Your brand’s audio visual message will be displayed in 8 second increments and can reach shoppers in a captive media environment, at the point-of-purchase.

Engage Attendees

Graphic communications techniques like interactive videos playing on walls and LED displays to give you the option to show different content, including social media chats, RSS feeds, and updates, while displaying offers for your product. This boosts your customer engagement and feedback from them. This dramatically increases your sales and market and causes your product to reach far and wide.

Digital Brand Experience

 At Advertise Michigan, we allow you to come on the creative course with us. You can add and customize the digital signage in any way you want because we know that nobody knows the brand better than you. Interactive digital billboards have taken over the conventional signs and displays. 

In events, we know that attracting attention and standing out from the crowd is important to make your investment worthwhile. Rent a digital sign. 

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