An Overview

If you are a business that has a message to be seen, the best place to do that is to display your brand’s message in a prominent location. A digital billboard is one of the best places to do that. Advertise Michigan has taken highway billboards and have made them available at street level. Our human billboards serve as a mobile audiovisual representative of your company, and this kind of advertising is an ingenious way to promote your brand, service, or product outside the walls of your offices and conference rooms.

Digital human billboard campaigns are customizable; you can direct your ad to receptive consumers in crowded areas, including busy streets, public events, schools, and university campuses. You can also target specific demographics – people who live in your neighborhood, for instance, may be more likely to find your ad of interest than another group who live in a different part of town.

We have the Infrastructure.

Human Digital Billboard

Our digital billboards are human-powered, making them a natural fit for green and eco-conscious brands. We are a leading billboard services company. So, contact us for your custom billboard solution. We offer several levels of service to businesses and individuals who want to make a big impact

Reach Your Audience

We offer many different types of full-service human billboard advertising. One of our most popular campaigns is a digital outdoor display which usually moves in central locations like intersections, parks, public transportation terminals, and other public places. Other forms include human digital signage located inside commercial establishments like restaurants, banks, and hospitals. You can also use our digital signs inside private residences like condominiums and apartments.

Why Choose Us?
  • Targeted Locations – Parks, Parking Lots. Pop-up events, Food Truck sites, Auto Dealerships, Retail Stores, Bars, Restaurants, Concerts, private parties, sporting events, corporate events.
  • Brand Image – Enforce a strong customer perception of your brand based on their interactions. 
  • Share Information – distributing information related to your brand message improves your marketing outreach to new audiences.

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