In the insurance industry, adhering to administrative rules governing advertising practices is paramount. These well-established rules serve as the gold standard for acceptable advertising across all lines of insurance regulated by the Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS). As a responsible insurance agent (producer), understanding and implementing the comprehensive Accident and Sickness Insurance Advertising administrative rules and the Advertisement of Life Insurance and Annuities administrative rules are crucial to ensure ethical practices and compliance in your advertising efforts.

Our Commitment to Transparency

At Advertise Michigan, we believe in transparency and empowering consumers to make informed decisions. That’s why we strictly adhere to the following administrative rules:

  1. Ad must include the name of the insurer. (R 500.1379, R 500.664)
    • We value transparency and prominently display the name of the insurer, ensuring clarity for our valued customers.
  2. Any slogan cannot be more prominent than the name of the insurer. (R 500.1379)
    • Our focus is on providing accurate information. Catchy slogans never overshadow the identity of the insurer in our ads.
  3. Ad cannot be misleading. (R 500.1379, R 500.652, R 500.654, R 500.655)
    • Deceptive advertising has no place in our practices. We prioritize the integrity of our advertisements.
  4. Ad must be truthful and clearly identify the product being sold. (R 500.1375, R 500.654)
    • Honesty is at the core of our advertising. We present factual information to ensure our customers know exactly what they’re getting.
  5. Any statistics quoted in the ad must also include the source of those statistics. (R 500.1377, R 500.653)
    • Credibility matters to us. We back up our claims with verifiable sources for added trust.
  6. If the ad includes a rating, such as AM Best, it must also include the timeframe when the rating was issued. (R 500.1383, R 500.653)
    • We keep our customers up-to-date with the latest information, including ratings, to help them make well-informed choices.
  7. The ad cannot create the impression that it is endorsed or approved by the state or federal government. (R 500.664)
    • We ensure that our ads never mislead customers into thinking they have official government endorsement.
  8. The ad cannot create the impression that the insurer or agent is connected with a state or federal governmental agency. (R 500.1379, R 500.654)
    • Clarity is crucial. Our advertisements steer clear of any affiliation with government entities.
  9. The ad cannot include the word “Medicare” in the title of the plan or policy being advertised without clearly differentiating it from Medicare. (R 500.664)
    • We take extra care to distinguish our advertised plans from the official Medicare program to prevent confusion.
  10. The ad cannot use terms that may mislead a consumer into believing an insurance policy is an investment. (R 500.1375, R 500.655)
    • We never blur the lines between insurance policies and investments, ensuring customers understand the difference.

By strictly adhering to these administrative rules, we at Advertise Michigan prioritize consumer trust and ensure that our advertising practices are fair, transparent, and fully compliant with the law. Our commitment to maintaining the integrity of the insurance industry and safeguarding consumers from deceptive practices is unwavering. Choose Advertise Michigan – Your Partner in Compliant Insurance Advertising.


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